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Examples of the Lectures and Seminars by our members

Title Public Organization
Seminar on upgrading ability of management consultant AOTS
Diagnosis, management and SME assistance JETRO
Seminar on System of SME Diagnosis JICA
Technical Training for Small and Medium Furniture Producers JICA
Training for industrial structure renovation and strengthening TPA ,JODC
Setting up business in foreign countries by SME JSBC, JETRO
Management problems of automobile parts maker in Taiwan Taiwan foreign Trade Association
Setting up business in foreign countries JMA
Hiring foreign labors Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The financial system in Japan Korean Authorities
Investment, development and importation by Japanese food company in foreign countries JETRO
Trends of agribusiness and food industry in Japan JETRO
Circumstances of investment and conditions of business in Vietnam and Malaysia JSBC
Operation in developing East Asia JSBC
Factor of development countries in East Asia and Vietnam Hanoi Trade College
Investment to ASEAN countries by Japanese enterprises and its future East Asia Summit
Seminar of management system(ISO9000/14000) Groups of enterprises
Construct seminar of ISO9000 quality system JMA and Groups of enterprises
Construct seminar of ISO14000 environment management system Groups of enterprises
Training seminar of inner inspector of management system JMA and Groups of enterprises
Important points in case of doing business in USA Various Chamber of Commerce
Merits and Demerits of doing business in China Various Chamber of Commerce
Comparison of investment environment of ASEAN countries International Trade and Investment Association
The 1996 world conference of management consultants Zennoren/FEACO/ACME
Seminar of information support system of East South Asia United Nations Area Development Center
Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultants Association
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