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Message from the President

 J-SMECA was established in 1954 as an organization to disseminate the SME Diagnosis System and to upgrade capability of its members,state qualified Small and Medium sized Enterprise Consultants. With about 8,500, members, J-SMECA has been providing services in the fields of information and study on the diagnosis and advice on the SME management, and also been exchanging the communications with relevant SME related organizations at home and abroad.
 As a result of revision of the Small and Medium sized Enterprises Basic Law in 1999 and ensuing enactment of SME Guidance Law in 2000, the SMEC was defined as a management consultant who would do business in the private sector. Also, the scope of business for SMECs to carry out was expanded not only to management renovation and venture business assistance but also to company revitalization and finance facilitation, which necessarily requires further expertise and ability to cope with the widened area of activities.
In view of this situation, a revision to the SMEC System was made in 2006 putting greater stress on the enterprise diagnosis practice. J-SMECA, in response to this move, is now tackling to create more opportunities for the actual management diagnosis.
 We at J-SMECA are firmly determined to make further efforts for the contribution to the development of the SMEs through achieving the following two targets: “Enhancement of social prestige of SMECs,” and “Further expansion of scope of business for SMECs.”

President: Incorporated Association J-SMECA
Kenji Matsueda

Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultants Association
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